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Can you imagine your family without you?

  • Would they be able to meet financial obligations and basic living expenses?

  • Would your spouse be able to pay the mortgage?

  • If you are a single parent, would the guardian of your children have enough money to provide for them?

  • Would your children be able to afford college?

  • Would your family be faced with large medical or legal expenses?

  • What about taxes?

These are difficult questions, but real concerns. With Optional Life Insurance from Benefits Dynamics, you have the opportunity to take care of your family and provide for their basic needs, even when you're not there.

Life and AD&D

  • Assisting beneficiary in processing the claim

  • Obtaining death certificates

  • Answering medical history questions that may arise

  • Tracking progress of benefit payment

  • Assisting with accident reports

  • Assisting employee in applying for social security death benefits

Payroll Plus Life    The Payroll Plus Life plan offers valuable protection plus a unique savings element you'll find extremely attractive for you and your family. The opportunity to participate in this plan have been made possible through your employer and is in addition to all other benefits provided. And, it's done by payroll deduction!

Here is why you should participate in the program: 

Simplified Issue: You don't have to take a medical exam to receive coverage... and neither do the members of your family if you choose to cover them.

Convenient Billing: Your premiums are deducted from your paycheck. No need to worry about sending money or receiving extra bills.

Flexibility: Increase or decrease your death benefit to suit your needs. You may be able to raise, lower, or skip premium payments. Since you own your policy, only you can cancel, change or modify your policy.

Tax Deferred Accumulations: In addition to valuable life insurance protection, you can save money with your policy. This is called your 'cash value'. Your cash value grows at current interest rates on a tax-deferred basis. Build a substantial cash fund and use the money for your retirement... your child's education... emergencies... a loan... anything you wish... because it is your money!

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this Group Insurance: No! You will receive a policy which is your property. It will be in addition to the group benefits provided by your employer.

Can I borrow from my policy: Yes! You may borrow anytime you wish and for whatever reason you may have. The annual interest rate is 8%. Furthermore, interest of 6% is credited to the amount you borrow!

How will I know what interest rates the company is using? Every year on the anniversary of your policy, you will receive a detailed accounting of what happened to your policy in the preceding twelve months.

What happens if I change employment? The policy is totally portable. You simply take it with you and make payments direct to the company.

Can I buy a permanent policy for my spouse and child(ren)?: You most certainly can buy individual policies for your spouse and child(ren). They would also be portable. Spouse and dependent insurance may be purchased up to the insurance amount on your life.


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