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Supplemental Benefits
AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Company) is a major insurance organization that specializes in supplemental benefit programs that provide cash payments direct to the insured individual. Many of these benefits are not covered by traditional group or individual insurance plans. Click on a policy below for further information. Cancer Policy Accident Idemnity Dental Policy Sickness Policy ABG Association Application AFLAC insurance plans are only available to association members. ABG Association consists of indivudals and business whose mission is to further the interests of business in the United States. Complete the above application and you will be contacted by an Aflac agent to enroll in the Aflac plans.
To Agents Name Harold Kalkstein
Agency Personnel Resources Consultants
Address 120 East 56th Street Room 840 NY NY 10022
Phone 212 752 0999
fax 212 752 0791
Read more about Aflac Benefits Membership in a nationally recognized association and is necessary to enroll in the programs. Learn more here.